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Some highlights for the the next 
Bird Road Art Walk:
Join us for
the Bird Road Art Walk September edition

Saturday,  September 20, 2014   
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
(& every 3rd Saturday)                                                                                          

Join us for a special evening of ART, in 
all forms and genres. The fun starts at 7:00 pm.  

Through the Eyes of Another
Anhinga Clay Studios
4600 SW 75 Ave | Miami FL 33155 | 786.333.5634

Anhinga Clay Studios presents "Through the Eyes of Another". This exhibition features artwork created by individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis. Anhinga Clay Studios has worked with members of the Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation, Inc. through a series of classes to create their own unique pottery and sculptural works that will be exhibited on Saturday, September 20th during the Bird Road Art Walk. 

Classes and exhibition were made possible through the generous support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and a grant written by the Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation, Inc. 

Arte Venezolano En Miami 
7432 SW 42 St  |  Miami FL 33155  |  786.338.3957

​"Cayenas" is an exquisite exhibit of works by the well-known artist Andreina
Lopez-Mendez where the evolution of her oeuvre on the subject can be appreciated. Cayena is an expression of everyday life, simplicity and femininity, portrayed in graphic and abstract ways using a colorful pallet full of energy and light. Join Arte Venezolano en Miami for the opening of Cayenas on Saturday, September 20th during the Bird Road Art Walk.


PURGE...an ART Happening 
4432 SW 74th Ave | Miami FL 33155 | 786.390.5447

​The PURGE goes on at HARRISART, a unique art happening featuring a more hands on approach for viewers to browse through monoprints, paintings and drawings large and small by the uber-talented Jane Harris.Visit by appointment or during the Bird Road Art Walk on Saturday, September 20th | 7-10 pm.


MUSES: A Point of Departure
MANO Fine Art Project Space
4225 SW 75 Ave (2nd Flr)  | Miami FL 33155 | 305.467.6819 

"MUSES: A Point of Departure" features the creative tangents and masterfully inspired works of  Vicente Fabre, Mila Hajjar, Maura Leonardo and MANO.

Inspiration was initially regarded as a divine influence on the mind. Socrates, maintained that inspired thoughts originate with the gods “the Muses”, ideas coming not when a person is rational, but when someone is “beside himself”. The origin of the word itself evolves from the Latin term “inspirare”, to breathe in.

Many would agree that to be an artist is to “breathe in” the world as it moves around you… to see the same things that the rest of the world sees; only differently maybe better and perhaps as a mere point of departure. 


Silvina Castillo | Bertha Bolano | Victor Minca   
Miami Art Club (M.A.C.)
4227 SW 75 Ave | Miami 33155 | 305.266.4714

The Miami Art Club presents the imaginative collection of artist Silvina Castillo (sample triptych below) during the Bird Road Art Walk, Saturday Sept. 20th 7-10 pm. Also on display will be works by one of her students, Bertha Bolaño, and one more chance to see Victor Minca's amazing portraits.

Miguel Rodez Art Projects 
4229 SW 75 Ave (2nd Flr) | Miami FL 33155 | 305.799.3898 

Power Portraits is a large format contemporary portraits project painted by artist Miguel Rodez that celebrates the Second Anniversary of Miguel Rodez Art Projects at the Bird Road Art District. The subjects of his paintings are real people with such compelling looks that viewers are immediately prompted to engage in a visual dialogue where the complexity of human emotion is explored. These paintings are essentially a visual essay about the meaning of being human. Yes, the figures are staring back at you. Try as you may, you will not forget these powerful portraits.


Open Studio 
Romero Hidalgo Artists' Studios & MyArt Ventures 
4241 SW 75Ave | Miami 33155 | 305.262.9966 

Please join Romero-Hidalgo Artists' Studios during the Bird Road Art Walk for a special showing of recent works and live drawing 

Sandy Levy/ Visual Impact Photography
4406 SW 74 Ave | Miami FL 33155 | 305.389.2075

Up close & personal with Sandy Levy, the award-winning photographer opens his studio to the public this Saturday during the Bird Road Art Walk. 

It Is What It Is...photography by Seth Berkey
Valmar Art & Framing 
4150 SW 42nd St | Miami FL 33155 | 305.267.9360

The remnants of bank statements and the voices of business tycoons still echo in the halls of yesterday captured by Seth Berkey. Valmar Art & Framing Showroom presents "It Is What It Is..." featuring Berkey's beautiful and haunting photography on Saturday, September 20th during the Bird Road Art Walk

Special FALL Exhibition 
White's Art Gallery 
7428 SW 42 St | Miami, FL 33155 | 786.406.0650

White's ART Gallery kicks off the FALL season and with an extraordinary group show on Saturday, September 20th during the Bird Road Art Walk.

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